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Dental Services During COVID-19

The Louisiana State Board of Dentistry has prohibited all routine, non-essential dental procedures beginning March 18, 2020, until at least April 16, 2020. That means we’ve had to cancel our clients’ regular cleanings as well as any procedures we can delay for at least 30 days. However, we ARE still open if you have a dental emergency. If something happens to your teeth or mouth, call a trustworthy dentist first. Emergency rooms and other healthcare facilities need to stay focused. And, if you have a dental emergency, you need specialized care. We can help the entire healthcare community by helping our patients with their dental emergencies.

What IS A Dental Emergency?

Are you wondering if your issue is an emergency? Below is a short list of the most common dental emergencies. If you have a concern, call us at 225-452-2887. 
  • Severe Pain: Are you having severe pain but not sure why? Toothaches can be a sign of many different types of tooth issues, and most would be considered emergencies.  Whether your pains are sharp or achy, get in touch with a dentist as soon as possible. Pain while biting or eating is often related to an infection or cracked tooth. Other types of pain could be a sign of inflammation, decay, abscesses, gum disease, or impacted teeth. 
  • Abscesses: Bacterial infections cause abscesses. Not only are they painful, but they can be life-threatening. They’ll hurt, give your mouth a bad taste, and can cause fevers as well. Call us at 225-452-2887 if you think you might be suffering from an abscess. 
  • Swelling and Bleeding: You might be familiar with a little blood appearing when you floss. That can be a sign of gum disease, but it’s not an emergency. However, dramatic swelling of the gums, along with heavier or constant bleeding, can be a sign of an abscess or other issue. 
  • Broken Teeth: Tooth cracks or chips affect more than your appearance. They can be painful and harmful to your health, especially on molars. Whether it’s just a small fracture or a deep crack, tell your dentist right away. They can help you decide if you need to come in.
  • Wisdom Teeth Inflammation: Do you still have your wisdom teeth? If so, there’s a chance the surrounding gums can become infected. If the gums in the very back of your mouth are painful, red, and swollen, call Corkern at 225-452-2887. 
  • Root Canals: Some root canals can wait, but the state direction does allow for those cases that are more urgent. Like the other situations, contact your dentist to talk about your specific situation.
  • Trauma or Accident: Of course, if an emergency happens, then you need to receive emergency dental care. Call Dr. Marc Corkern at 225-452-2887.

Your Emergency Dentist In Baton Rouge 

Corkern Family Dental has been serving the Baton Rouge area since 1980. We take pride in treating all our patients like family, especially during trying and confusing times. And, after things settle, we’re here for you with all of our regular services, including annual cleanings. Additionally, we can help you with crowns, cosmetic dentistry, invisalign, implants, and whitening. Please know that we’re here for you!

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