Which is Better – A Regular or Electric Toothbrush?

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Do you use a regular toothbrush or an electric one? Which is better? Truth is the best toothbrush is the one that you use twice a day, So here are some tips on how to use your electric toothbrush well.

How to brush with an Electric Toothbrush

  • Use a pea-size amount of fluoride toothpaste
  • Place the toothbrush in your mouth and close your lips slightly to prevent splatterings. Hold your jaw relaxed so you can reach all tooth surfaces.
  • Center your toothbrush on the gum line and angle the bristles according to the manufacturer’s directions. Turn on the toothbrush holding it gently against the tooth and gum line for a few seconds. Do not press hard; let the brush do its work then move to the next tooth.
  • Make sure you brush the insides and outsides of each tooth including the backs of the front teeth and all chewing surfaces.
  • You’re brushing routine should last at least 2 minutes; so, to help you electric toothbrushes often have built-in timers. (Patterson)

When to brush

You’re brushing schedule is important as well. There are two times that are essential for good oral health.  Brushing after breakfast cleans away the morning’s food debris. Brushing your teeth before bedtime protects your teeth all night.  

How often should you change your electric toothbrush?

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), it should be changed every three months. (OralB.com)  It is one of the reasons Dr. Cokern give you a new one at every visit.  Electric toothbrushes usually have replacements heads available.  Change yours more often if the bristles are frayed. Also, consider changing your brush head if you have been sick; they do not kill bacteria or viruses.

The popularity of electric toothbrushes.

Electric toothbrushes are popular for a variety of reasons. They do a good job of reducing stains removing plaque and disrupting the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Electric ones can be easier to manage than a manual brush and they are fun to use.

Come see us regularly!

Finally, no matter what toothbrush you are using, it won’t replace a regular visit to our dental office. We look forward to seeing you at our Baton Rouge location.  These blogs are part of our mission of patient education;  we hope you enjoy, learn, and share the information with others.  Until next time . . .


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